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No. 1 - Tea Olive Par 4, 445 Yards

2011 Eagles Birdies Pars Bogeys 2x Bogeys Other Avg Rank Pin Placement
1 4 68 24 2 0 4.222 4
0 6 66 26 1 0 4.222 5
0 2 30 16 1 0 4.327 1
0 2 35 10 2 0 4.245 3
2010 Average: 4.219  Historical Average: 4.23  Historical Rank: T6

The slight dogleg right is not the easiest tee shot golfers will face. Carrying the fairway bunker will require a drive of 300 yards, and shorter hitters will face an uphill shot to the undulating green.

1934 yardage: 400, par 4

Original Intent

"A drive that is long and straight ... will be in a favorable position for the second. It is difficult to obtain par figures from any other position."
--- Alister Mackenzie, from the first Masters program

Significant changes

- Fairway bunker adjusted, 2006

- Trees added to left side of fairway, 2006

- Tee moved back 15-20 yards, 2006

- Back of tee reduced 7 yards and scorecard changed to 445 yards, 2009

Did it work?

Players get the message early that the course is no pushover. It will take a blast of more than 300 yards to clear the fairway bunker. Bailing out on the left side is no longer an option with more trees planted in that area.

Recent photos from No. 1

Augusta National The Masters Hole 1 Augusta National The Masters Hole 1 Augusta National The Masters Hole 1
Augusta National The Masters Hole 1 Augusta National The Masters Hole 1 Augusta National The Masters Hole 1
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2011 Pin Placements

Tea Olive

Tea Olive - Osmanthus fragrans

- Evergreen, can be pruned into a tree or bush
Tiny white fragrant flowers bloom October to March.

Spot it on the course
- It's to the right of the fairway and rear of the green on No. 1.

Hole story
- No. 1 was first named Cherokee Rose for Georgia's state flower.

Where and how the plant grows
- Native to eastern Asia
- Grows slowly but can reach 30 feet high and 20 feet wide
- Full to partial sun - Acidic, well-drained soil
- Moderately drought tolerant, once established - Propagation by cuttings

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