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No. 15 - Fire Thorn Par 5, 530 yards

2011 Eagles Birdies Pars Bogeys 2x Bogeys Other Avg Rank Pin Placement
5 53 35 3 3 0 4.455 18
4 32 51 12 0 0 4.717 16
1 18 24 6 0 0 4.714 15
1 24 23 1 0 0 4.490 18
Historical Average: 4.79  Historical Rank: 18        

Changes made in the last decade make reaching this par-5 hole in two shots a challenge, but plenty of birdies will be had. A pond guards the green in front, but those who lay up face a hard shot from a downhill lie.

1934 yardage: 485, par 5

Original Intent

"It is not only an interesting three-shot hole, as one will be maneuvering for position from the tee shot onwards, but also a magnificent two-shot hole, as a skillful and courageous player will, aided by a large hillock to the right, be able to pull his second shot around to the green. A pond in front of the green provides the penalty for the long player who fails to make a perfect second shot."
--- Alister Mackenzie

Significant changes

- Pond in front of green enlarged, 1961

- Tee moved back 25-30 yards, 2006

- Tee shifted about 20 yards to golfer's left, 2006

Did it work?

The easiest hole on the golf course still yields plenty of birdies and a few eagles. Wayward drives are now punished by the trees on the right.

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Augusta National The Masters Hole 15 Augusta National The Masters Hole 15 Augusta National The Masters Hole 15
Augusta National The Masters Hole 15 Augusta National The Masters Hole 15 Augusta National The Masters Hole 15
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Firethorn - Pyracantha koidzumii

- Large, thorny evergreen shrub is a member of the rose family.
- Creamy white April blooms are small and plain but profuse.
- Yields thick clusters of orange berries in summer to early winter Spot it on the course.

Spot it on the course
- It grows left of the 15th fairway.

Hole story
- No. 15 was once named Spanish Dagger.

Where and how the plant grows
- Grows fast; can reach 8 to 12 feet high
- Full sun
- Well-drained soil
- High drought tolerance
- Propagation by cuttings
- Plant in low-traffic area to avoid contact with thorns.

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