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No. 18 - Holly Par 4, 465 yards

2011 Eagles Birdies Pars Bogeys 2x Bogeys Other Avg Rank Pin Placement
0 14 50 31 4 0 4.253 3
0 23 56 17 3 0 4.000 13
0 4 30 15 0 0 4.224 4
0 8 31 9 1 0 4.061 9
Historical Average: 4.23  Historical Rank: T6        

The closing hole has become a 465-yard challenge with the extension of the tee in 2002. An accurate drive is a must, and an expanded bunker complex requires a clout of 335 yards to carry. Trees to the left of the bunkers prevent a bailout on that side, and the elevated green is guarded by bunkers.

1934 yardage: 420, par 4

Original Intent

"The front area of this green is nicely molded to receive a pitch and provide a good putt for a birdie when the hole is cut here. Yet a ball driven to the left side of the fairway safely away from the trees must be pitched quite closely over the guarding bunker."
--- Bobby Jones

Significant changes

- Double bunker constructed left of fairway landing area, 1967

- Tee moved back 55-60 yards and moved to the golfer's right five yards, 2002

- Bunker complex adjusted, 2002

Did it work?

Yes. The closing hole is no longer a cream puff finish. Although big hitters can still reach it with a short iron, the tee shot is now one of the most demanding on the course and bailing out left is not an option.

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Augusta National The Masters Hole 18 Augusta National The Masters Hole 18 Augusta National The Masters Hole 18
Augusta National The Masters Hole 18 Augusta National The Masters Hole 18 Augusta National The Masters Hole 18
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Holly I-ex

- Deciduous, flowering tree
- Dioecious evergreen tree with spiny, dull green leaves
- From March to June, male and female bear inconspicuous green or white flowers.
- Female yields bright red poisonous berries in winter, if male is also present.

Spot it on the course
- Holly grows right of the 18th tee and on both sides of the fairway.

Where and how the plant grows
- Grows to 35 to 50 feet high and 15 to 25 feet wide
- Shade tolerant
- Moist, well-drained, acidic, sandy soil
- High drought tolerance
- Propagation by cuttings

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