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No. 5 - Magnolia Par 4, 455 yards

2011 Eagles Birdies Pars Bogeys 2x Bogeys Other Avg Rank Pin Placement
0 6 70 22 1 0 4.182 8
0 10 69 20 0 0 4.101 8
0 6 33 10 0 0 4.082 10
0 0 36 12 1 0 4.286 2
Historical Average: 4.27  Historical Rank: 5        

The deep fairway bunkers on the left require a carry of 315 yards around the dogleg. Large humps in the green make it a challenging putting surface.

1934 yardage: 440, par 4

Original Intent

"The proper line here is, as closely as possible, past the bunker on the left side of the fairway. It is not necessary to carry this bunker in order to direct the drive into a groove in the fairway on top of the hill. But it is a very comforting safety factor to have sufficient length for the carry should the shot be pulled slightly."
--- Bobby Jones

Significant changes

- Fairway bunkers extended about 80 yards toward the green, 2003

Did it work?

Yes. Players rarely try to carry the bunkers anymore, so they are forced to play to the right, which means a longer shot to a difficult green.

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Augusta National The Masters Hole 5 Augusta National The Masters Hole 5 Augusta National The Masters Hole 5
Augusta National The Masters Hole 5 Augusta National The Masters Hole 5 Augusta National The Masters Hole 5
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Magnolia - Magnolia grandiflora

- Evergreen tree with 5- to 8-inch-long leathery oblong leaves
- Produces fragrant 10-inch white blooms in May and June
- Flowers are followed by cone-shaped fruit that yields small berries in late summer.

Spot it on the course
- The trees grow to the right of the fifth fairway and behind the green.

Hole story
- Native to Southeastern U.S.; state tree of Mississippi; state flower of Louisiana

Where and how the plant grows
- All varieties can grow 60 to 80 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide.
- Full sun to partial shade
- Slightly acidic, well-drained soil
- Moderately drought tolerant
- Propagation by cuttings, grafting or seed

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