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No. 6 - Juniper Par 3, 180 yards

2011 Eagles Birdies Pars Bogeys 2x Bogeys Other Avg Rank Pin Placement
0 15 54 29 1 0 3.162 10
0 9 74 16 0 0 3.071 10
0 7 30 12 0 0 3.102 8
0 4 41 4 0 0 3.000 10
Historical Average: 3.14  Historical Rank: 13        

This downhill par-3 usually requires no more than a medium iron to the large, undulating green. Put the ball on the wrong part of the green, however, and a three-putt is likely.

1934 yardage: 185, par 3

Original Intent

"With the ball stopping either short of this raised area (back plateau) or off to the left of it, it is an extremely difficult job to get the first putt close to the hole."
--- Bobby Jones

Significant changes

- Pond filled in at front of green, 1959

Did it work?

The cosmetic change has had no real effect for tournament play. Putting the tee shot on the proper side of the green is crucial.

Recent photos from No. 6

Augusta National The Masters Hole 6 Augusta National The Masters Hole 6 Augusta National The Masters Hole 6
Augusta National The Masters Hole 6 Augusta National The Masters Hole 6 Augusta National The Masters Hole 6
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Juniper - Juniperus virginiana

- Deciduous, flowering tree
- Coniferous evergreen shrub or tree
- Low-maintenance plant with fragrant blue-green to dark green foliage
- Junipers are dioecious (take on male or female form)
- In late summer, female trees produce berries and flowers

Spot it on the course
- It grows to the right and left of the sixth tee and right of the green.

Where and how the plant grows
- Native to North America
- Can grow 40 to 50 feet high and 10 to 20 feet wide
- Full sun to partial shade
- Well-drained, alkaline or acidic soil
- Little need for water once established
- Propagation from seeds

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