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Goosen's hot start derailed by bogeys

Retief Goosen jumped to the lead of the Masters Tournament early Thursday when his ball dove into the cup on the first hole for an eagle. After a birdie on the par-5 15th, only Rory McIlroy stood between the two-time U.S. Open winner and the top. But Goosen stumbled down the stretch, bogeying the last three holes to card 70 -- five shots off the pace.

Goosen wants change to pay off

Retief Goosen hasn't been quite the same since he tied for second place in last year's Masters Tournament.

Interview: Retief Goosen

Third round's the charm for Goosen

Consider it this year's version of an Arnold Palmer charge at Augusta National Golf Club.

Clark joins Els, Goosen as runner-up

The golf giant who made the fist pump the norm on Sundays at Augusta National Golf Club was a few paces away when a short-hitting South African holed out for birdie on No. 18 to clinch second place at the 70th Masters Tournament.

Goosen is deadly on faster greens

If Retief Goosen had his way, the weather forecast for this week's Masters Tournament would include zero precipitation and the irrigation system for Augusta National Golf Club would somehow go on the fritz.

Jacket would fit underrated Goosen

Certain golfers in their prime today have the look of a future Masters Tournament champion. Retief Goosen fits that bill, or that green jacket.
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