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Height: 5' 10" Weight: 160 Born: 01/09/80
Wins: 20 Turned Pro: 1999 College:  
Residence: Borriol, Spain
Birthplace: Castellon, Spain
Family: Single

Masters Qualification(s): Top 8 players in previous US Open; Top 50 World Golf Ranking

Masters Record

Year Place Score Round Money
1 2 3 4
2010 45 +10 74 70 76 78 $ 24,750
2009 38 +1 73 67 75 74 $ 33,000
2008 46 +4 76 72     $ 10,000
2007 66 +10 76 78     $ 5,000
2006 46 +10 72 74 79 73 $ 21,700
2005 51 +5 77 72     $ 5,000
2004 4 -3 72 72 75 66 $ 286,000
2003 28 +6 69 78 74 73 $ 43,500
2002 8 -4 68 71 70 75 $ 173,600
2001 48 +2 70 76     $ 5,000
2000 40 +7 70 72 75 78 $ 17,480
1999 38 +7 72 75 75 73 $ 0

PGA Tour 2011 season record

Tournament Place Score Round
1 2 3 4
Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard 8 -4 73 68 73 70
Transitions Championship T15 -7 68 66 72 71

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Latest news and interviews

'‘El Nino' appears to be getting his second wind

Of all the international faces that surfaced atop the first round of the Masters Tournament, perhaps none was a more welcome sight than the man formerly known as "El Nino."

Garcia would gladly trade label for a green jacket

Sergio Garcia was supposed to have won a major or two by now, if not more. Instead, the only title he's got is that dreaded "best player never to win one."

Garcia rides hot streak into 11th Masters

Even Sergio Garcia finds it hard to believe that a decade has passed since his Masters Tournament debut.

Safety in putting

The belly putter that nearly carried Sergio Garcia to victory in last summer's British Open is out of the Spaniard's bag now.
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