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Patrons cross Washington Road as they leave Augusta National Golf Club. (Chris Thelen/File)

Weather often hinders play

For all of its natural beauty, the Masters Tournament is often plagued by weather that's downright ugly.

Look back at tournament history and you'll see a pattern of weather delays. An entire round hasn't been canceled since 1983, when the tournament finished on a Monday.

Blame the tournament's traditional early spring starting time for the inconsistent weather.

In the tournament's early days, it was held in late March. It's little wonder that weather brought havoc, causing delays in three of the first six events.

In 1936, heavy rain forced eventual winner Horton Smith to play 36 holes on the final day. Two years later, the tournament didn't even start until Saturday. Thirty-six holes were played Sunday that year, with the final round held Monday. The 1939 tournament featured a final-day Sunday with 36 holes.

Heavy rains also washed out play for an entire day in 1961 and 1973.


1936 - Thursday's round postponed. Sunday's round postponed. 36 holes played Monday.

1938 - Tournament started on Friday, play suspended. 18 holes Saturday, 36 Sunday, 18 Monday

1939 - Final day 36 holes

1956 - High winds in final round

1961 - Rain Sunday, round postponed, Monday finish

1973 - Heavy rains Saturday, round postponed. Two tee start Sunday, Monday finish

1979 - Heavy rains suspended play Friday, round finished Saturday morning

1982 - Rain suspended play Thursday, round finished Friday

1983 - Friday's round postponed by rain. Saturday rain delay, play called with six players left on course. Monday finish.

1984 - Play suspended Saturday with 19 players on course.

1989 - Third round suspended. 12 players finished Sunday morning.

1992 - Third round suspended with six players on course.

1993 - Second round suspended, 10 players finished Saturday morning.

1995 - Fog delay of 45 minutes Friday.

1998 - Ninety-minute delay Thursday morning. Play suspended at 7:40 p.m. due to darkness with 10 players on course.

1999 - Play suspended Thursday.

2003 - 1st Round washed out for the first time in 64 years.

2004 - Play delayed just after 4 p.m. for about two hours on Thursday. Play suspended at 7:45 p.m. with 18 players on the course.

2005 - Thursday's round delayed, suspended due to darkness with 68 players on the course. Second and third rounds suspended. Sunday finish.

2006 - Play suspended Saturday. 36 players finished Sunday.

2008 - Start of play delayed due to fog on Thursday. Play suspended for 45 minutes due to lightning on Saturday.

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