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Double or nothing: Draw up 19th hole Mackenzie wanted

Friday, April 02, 2010

One hole Alister Mackenzie called for in his original plan of Augusta National Golf Club never came to fruition: the 19th.

The green for Mackenzie's 19th hole is near where the club's warmup practice putting green (at left, bottom) is now. The tee was between the ninth (top right) and 18th (top left) greens. (File/Staff)

The idea was to offer the extra hole for golfers to have an extra wager or a chance to play for double or nothing.

Mackenzie's plan called for golfers to exit the 18th green and go to their left. A tee would be built there, and the short, 90-yard hole would play up the hill to where the practice putting green is now located.

It was never built. Most likely, it was vetoed because it was not in character with the flow of the course and would have obstructed the view of the 18th green.

Now, here's your chance to fulfill Mackenzie's plan and design a new "finishing" hole for Augusta National.


Description from Mackenzie's article in The American Golfer:

Original depiction of the location of the 19th green at Augusta National, located directly above the drawing of the clubhouse. The 18th and 9th greens are at the top right of the picture, with the potential 19th teebox in between. (Special)

"Nineteenth hole - 90 yards

"Clifford Roberts, Grantland Rice and some of the other governors thought it might be interesting to have a real nineteenth hole, so that the loser could have the opportunity of getting his money back by playing double or quits.

"This nineteenth hole will be an attractive plateau green, narrow at one end, where the flag will usually be placed, but wide at the other end so as to give a safety route to the player who has not the courage or skill to pitch to the narrow end of the green.

"In this respect the hole will be somewhat similar to the short hole going out at Lakeside, near Los Angeles.

"I know of only two golf courses with an actual nineteenth hole. One is Knollwood (New York) and the other the Tam-O-Shanter Club (Detroit)."


1) Use a copy of the course aerial.

2) The hole must be a par-3, no more than 100 yards.

3) The direction of the hole is toward the Par-3 Course. The tee can be anywhere behind the 18th green (left in photo).


Send entries to John Boyette, Sports Editor, The Augusta Chronicle, 725 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901.

You can e-mail entries to john.boyette@augustachronicle.com.

All entries will become property of The Chronicle and cannot be returned.

Winners will be published in the 2011 Masters special section, and prizes will be given to the top three entries.

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