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Monday, April 11, 2011


FAMILY AFFAIR: Blake McLemore , 4, spotted golfer Dustin Johnson walking toward the 10th tee Sunday and made his way to the ropes.

"Go, Dustin!" Blake called out.

Before he took a shot, Johnson gave Blake a ball.

"When they give me a ball is my favorite," the boy said.

It was Blake's first Masters, but not his family's.

Beside Blake was his grandfather, Tim Shields , who was at his 57th Masters Tournament. Blake's mother, Paige , has been coming to the Masters since she was 15, and she brought her husband into the game.

"He married me for my Masters tickets," she said jokingly.

IT'S TRADITIONAL: For Caroline Bruker, the Masters is about tradition.

Since her grandparents started bringing her to the tournament as a toddler, Bruker has missed just four Masters.

Now 24, she flew in from the Netherlands, where she is an opera singer, just to meet up with family members at Augusta National this week.

"I would come with my grandparents every Sunday, so I try to keep that tradition," Bruker said.

Her cousin, Sarah Bruker , said her grandparents would come to the Masters back when "tickets were like $5" and always made the experience special for the family.

"We'd bring coolers full of food and sit out to watch the course," she said.

Although not a golfer herself, Caroline said the sport is also about the experience.

"The course is absolutely gorgeous," she said. "It's always at a beautiful time of year, and it's a time to see old friends."

IT GOES FAST: Sunday was a bittersweet day for Austin Goble , of Macon, Ga.

He was able to come to the Masters, drink beer with his friend from Atlanta and watch some of the best golfers in the world.

But it had to end at some point.

"It goes by too fast," Goble said. "It does build up all year long, You're waiting for it, and it just comes down to two days."

The most exciting day of the tournament also meant his experience was coming to an end.

He made the best of his day by stopping at the concession stand as soon as he arrived to pick up one of the best parts of the experience.

"Pimento cheese. It's something I look forward to every year," he said. "It's kind of a tradition."

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